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Mare in Italy.

The sea, aka il mare, in Bacoli has a host of stories and legends to tell. Cetera’s story is one such saga, tracing the roots of its name to the ancient vessels of the Roman fleet, which was renowned for its speed. The Cetera name also has close ties to its homeland. In the shipyard of the historical and highly prominent company Fiart, we work hard to demonstrate just how much Made in Italy is a crucial factor when it comes to yachts. It is the very emblem that encapsulates the high quality engineering of ancient Roman vessels and the modern creativity of the best Italian designers, representing the hallmark of research and innovation in yachting. This is Cetera.

Easy boating

Every last space, every last detail, every last second spent on our Multispace was designed to make our yachting experience even more enjoyable. The greatest added advantage of Cetera? Every last detail of our yachts was designed to meet the needs of an experienced yacht owner. A yacht owner who seeks out the best, one that won’t settle for less. Why settle when you have a choice?

Our Principles

We believe we can change the yachting and seafaring lifestyle by focusing on what really counts: the people.

We believe in diversity and know that our differences are the starting point for future progress. It is for this reason that we craft unique products, based on our desire to contribute to global growth.

We believe in the revolutionary value of simplicity, achieved through skill and the capacity to come up with cutting-edge solutions and products.

We believe in excellence. One of our guiding principles is the pursuit of perfection, but we still do our best to remember that we are all human.

We believe in respecting our fellow human beings and our environment. And we constantly strive to remain aware that the future depends on the way we build today.

The shipyard. Where it all begins.

“There’s a place in Bacoli that is much more than a shipyard. It’s a place where engineers and shipbuilders come together, brilliant minds and highly capable hands that share a true love for the sea. It’s a place that is devoted to construction, innovation and to meeting challenges. This place is called Fiart.”.
Thanks to the font of expertise at the Fiart shipyard and technical innovation of the best designers and engineers, our projects took shape. And, it was there that the concept of Multispace came to life through the work of skillful hands, vigilant eyes and brilliant minds. A forum for dialogue and continual growth, which enabled us to build an unprecedented yacht.